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My Weight Loss Journey
I started my journey at the beginning of December and it's been experimental. I now know I could have done it all in 90 days.

This is what I would have done from scratch.

Week 1: Intermittent Fasting on a 16 hour fast and eating in an 8 hour window a low carb diet, keto based NO STARCHY CARBS

Week 2: Intermittent Fasting on a 18hour fast and a 6 hour eating window.

Week 3:Intermittent Fasting on a 20 hour fast and 4 hour window

Week 4: Intermittent Fasting OMAD (One meal per day)

Week 5 & 6: One 24 hour fast followed by OMAD

Week 7 & 8: One 48 hour fast followed by OMAD

Weeks 9 - 12: 30 Day Fasting Challenge

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We don't fail at dieting due to a lack of INFORMATION, there needs to be INSPIRATION and then most importantly it's about the IMPLEMENTATION. Working with a coach, you will combine all 3 for SUCCESS - and Create a Happier, Healthier, Leaner YOU!
2st 13.8lbs
The Plan for this final phase of my weight loss journey is to do between 48hr and 72 hour fasts between each feed.
Only light, aerobic exercise and drinking  water with electrolytes.

In a 2l bottle of water 
1/4tsp Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
1tsp Bicarbonate of soda
1tsp Potassium

Plus 2 x Epsom Baths per week to get Magnesium, through the skin.

As my body is now fat adapted (it takes between 6- 8 weeks of following a keto diet to become fully fat adapted, I am therefore using my fat stores and converting them into energy instead of getting it from my food, so I'm NOT starving myself.

This is ONLY short term, once I have reached my goal, I can resort back to a 18:6 Intermittent fasting regime, back to a Keto based diet but increase my carb intake to about 50g per day and increase my protein so that I can go back to weight training.

Day 12 - 12th May
11st 5.2lbs
Day 11 - 11th May
11st 5.0lbs
Day 10 - 10th May
11st 7.4lbs
Day 9 - 9th May
11st 9.6lbs
Day 8 - 8th May
11st 10.2lbs
Day 7 - 7th May
11st 6.2lbs
Day 6 - 6th May
11st 8.6lbs
Day 5 - 5th May
11st 8.4lbs
Day 4 - 4th May
11st 10.2lbs
Day 3 - 3rd May
11st 11lbs
Day 2 - 2nd May
12st 0.6lbs
Day 1 - 1st May
12st 2.2lbs
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